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Natural gas by pipe LNG, LPG
Natural gas by pipe LNG, LPG - фото 1
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Natural gas by pipe LNG, LPG

1 L/штука
Семенова Екатерина
на Флагма с 25 февраля 2019


Natural gas by pipe minimum order from 5,000,000,000-7,000,000,000 M3 to Baumgarten Austria, Power of Siberia Contract from 5 years. The price is fixed for the entire term of the contract at the time of the conclusion.
LNG, LPG production Russia contract from 50,000 tons x12 months.
Please note that an account statement from the (Buyer's) bank is MANDATORY!
Natural gas PJSC Gazprom:
central European gas hub (Baumgarten terminal),
To conclude a contract for the export of gas, a trace is required. the documents:
1. A complete package of documents (based on samples);
2. Agreement with TSEHK Baumgarten (Austria).
3. License from the state where the gas will be sent. If not
then you need a document from the Ministry of Energy of this country;
4. In the package of documents for gas, it is necessary to indicate "the term of the contract for 3-5

Номер объявления: 1783003

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