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Resume renewed 13 October 2022

Bartender in Chişinău

I am looking for a job in Chişinău, any schedule
Poroseatcovschi Anatoli 25 years old, Chişinău, secondary education
Poroseatcovschi Anatoli
Private person
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Work experience

2 years 3 mo. Jun 2018 - Aug 2020
Naringi cafe, Chisinau
2 years 3 mo. Jun 2018 - Aug 2020
I started working with coffee as a barista. I passed 3 levels of training about coffee and methods of preparing it.
5 mo. Sep 2020 - Jan 2021
Rozmarin cafe, Chisinau
5 mo. Sep 2020 - Jan 2021
There was my first and most detail practice as a barman. In this place I was taught to work with inventory, keep a record of the entire assortment in the bar and Work with different types of cocktails and shots.
Video maker; 3d designer
9 mo. Jan 2021 - Sep 2021
General Media Group, Chişinău
9 mo. Jan 2021 - Sep 2021
i worked as a video maker at news channel. I occupied with 3d model design and animation. Also Iʼve created many videos of my barman skills by myself.
12 mo. Apr 2021 - Mar 2022
Hookah cartel, Chisinau
12 mo. Apr 2021 - Mar 2022
First practice in a night club as a barman.
Contact bar, club cocktails, Iʼve created many shot cocktails by client choose.
Bar manager
3 mo. Apr 2022 - Jun 2022
Folks cafe, Chisinău
3 mo. Apr 2022 - Jun 2022
I created a new bar menu for cafe: coffee drinkʼs, lemonades, Ice coffee. Got new contracts with new suppliers and fixed prices.
Bar manager
3 mo. Jun 2022 - Aug 2022
Kvadrat Pub, Chisinău
3 mo. Jun 2022 - Aug 2022
Make a new menu for a Pub: Cocktails, Ice drinkʼs. recruited and instructed the stuff.


Russian - fluent, Romanian - intermediate, English - intermediate

Additional information

MD-2024, or. Chisinau, str. Florarii 1 str-la 2 /K AP.4. Phone number **


The characteristic is given to Anatoli Poroseatcovschi.
He has extensive work experience and extensive practical knowledge of his specialty, can provide valuable advice. In his work, he consistently achieves high results, inspires his colleagues with his example. In the work shows a very high intensity. Ability to work like 4 people. Works always without problems. Shows exceptional diligence and punctuality, the degree of personal organization is very high. Tightly uses his working day, knows how to properly allocate time and effort to carry out the assigned work. All new bartenders who came to work with us were trained by Anatoli.
In moral terms, a completely impeccable person, modest in everyday life.


“Ana Sitnic” S. R. L
Ana Sitnic SRL bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfint 202 SA or. Chisinau. Phone number **


Anatoli Poroseatcovschi worked as a bartender in our company and showed excellent results. In a short time, this person studied our entire range and fulfilled all the conditions for qualified work. He organized a successful arrangement of coffee drinks. He treated his duties with great responsibility, performed conscientiously. Effectively resolved all issues related to the activities of the company. Competently approached solving non-standard tasks and always achieved an effective solution. Followed instructions accurately and in a timely manner. Hardworking, proactive, principled in work. He was respected in the team. He did not arrange conflict situations, and if such situations arose, he tried to help in their resolution.

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Poroseatcovschi Anatoli Private person
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